How to Take Redness Out of a Zit

We want to share how to take redness out of a zit fast, because although everyone's beauty concept is different, all women would agree that smooth, radiant skin is a dream. The skin has millions of pores and glands that secrete sebum to keep the skin soft, and hydrated. But, sometimes these pores become blocked due to excess sebum secretion which causes bacterial infection and inflammation.

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Although it is not possible to get rid of zits in a matter of minutes, a person can make it less visible by reducing the redness. Inflamed acne can be caused by several factors. For example, allergic to food, or it could be bacterial factors that are too much attached to the face and settles in the pores that produce inflamed pimples.

Not to mention, inflamed pimples can also appear because your hands are itching to hold it even though you yourself also don't guarantee any hands are clean or not. Inflamed pimples will definitely be redder on the face, now to overcome the redness caused by inflamed pimples, there are natural ingredients that are believed to help relieve redness and make the face feel cooler.

For all women, having acne is the most annoying thing. Not only does the appearance of the face become less attractive, but you also feel insecure about the face covered with inflamed zits. Want to know what natural ingredients that can be relied upon as to a solution to how to take swelling and redness out of a zit? Here are some super easy methods that you can try at home!

Relieve Acne Redness in Five Minutes

The first tip is to use toothpaste. Many people say that toothpaste can quickly get rid of pimples because it contains silica. Silica is an active ingredient that helps dry out pimples. Toothpaste can help eliminate redness and swelling. You just simply apply it to the zit. When cleaning it, don't touch the pimples too much then dry with a soft towel.

However, don't use toothpaste that contains menthol or fluoride. These two ingredients can make the skin prone to irritation, causing more acne to appear. An alternative is to use some ice cubes.

Ice cubes can reduce blood flow to acne by narrowing the blood vessels that cause redness. But, don't put ice directly on the face. This method will actually cause skin pain. The trick is to wrap the ice in a thick cloth or towel before applying it to the zit area. If tomorrow there is an important event, compress pimples at night with ice cubes wrapped in a thin cloth.

Ice packs are the fastest way on how to take redness out of a zit that is inflamed. After that, leave it for a few minutes. Repeat until redness is reduced. Make sure you don't press too hard, because it can injure pimples and cause bacteria to attack the area.

Use Aspirin and Natural Ingredients

If you’re still curious about how to take redness out of a zit, Aspirin is not only for treating headaches but can also reduce redness in acne. Aspirin contains salicylic acid which can slough off dead skin cells and reduce inflammation. In order to quickly get rid of pimples, the way to use aspirin is to split it in half and crush it until it becomes powdery.

Dissolve with 1-2 drops of clean water until it becomes a paste, then apply it on the pimples. Stick the tape to protect it and let it sit for 30 minutes. For natural ingredients, lemon can restore the skin's pH balance. Applying it is a natural way to get rid of redness and swelling.

Honey is also natural antibiotics that are very effective against bacteria that cause redness and swelling. Honey also works very well as a face mask, and skin toner. Use these ingredients only when it's necessary to hide acne. Wash your face immediately after returning from activity.

It's important to remember that these quick ways to get rid of zits don't really solve the root of the problem. These methods on how to take redness out of a zit are only intended to relieve swelling and eliminate redness. You need to treat your acne as early as possible to prevent scars.

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