Reason to Have Better Diet: Does Sugar Cause Acne?

Some foods are the cause of acne. Sugar is believed to be one of them. So, the question is, does sugar cause acne breakouts? Indeed, it is, because foods that, if consumed, result in acne are generally foods that can increase blood sugar, which then can trigger increased insulin. Sugar is, of course, the reason that happens.

Why does sugar cause acne?
With increasing levels of insulin in the body, oil production in the skin will increase, making it more prone to cause acne. Consuming too much sugar turns out to be not only harmful to the body, such as causing weight gain or diabetes, but also affects the health of your skin. What is acne? Acne is a skin disease that usually appears around the face, chest, or back.

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The levels can vary, ranging from mild ones such as blackheads to more severe levels such as spots that contain cysts and pus. In general, acne is caused by changes in hormone levels, but there are also some foods that can cause acne more easily appear. Acne that often decorates your face, for example, is not always caused by hormonal factors and lazy to treat the skin.

Sugar can also cause inflamed skin because sugar increases inflammation. Most people are not aware that the skin is directly related to our digestive system. If we eat something we cannot digest or have difficulty digesting it, it has certain consequences. In this article, we will cover the answers to the question: does sugar cause acne?

Can Sugar Cause Acne? The Effect is Not Same for Everyone

How does sugar cause acne?
Not everyone will be affected by the sugar effect in the same way. Some feel the acne gets worse when consuming chocolate or sugar, but other people do not see this change. Do not also assume that stopping the consumption of chocolate will also eliminate all acne problems. When this problem continues to arise, the most appropriate solution is still to consult with a dermatologist.

If you don't control acne, you risk getting a scar from growing pimples. For some people, acne scars caused prolonged skin discoloration. Or, the texture of your skin becomes imperfect. To overcome this, you are advised to undergo chemical peels with a qualified dermatologist. You may need a few days to recover due to the effect the skin becomes dry and causes flakes.

But after that, the skin looks smooth and shiny. But again, does sugar cause acne? Consuming excessive sugar has long-term effects such as premature aging and scarring of the face. This is because sugar attaches to proteins in the bloodstream, which then forms new molecules called advanced glycation end products or AGE. This compound damages collagen and elastin, which causes the skin to wrinkle and sag.

AGE also deactivates natural antioxidant enzymes, making the skin more susceptible to damage due to sun exposure. These effects increase at age 35 and continue rapidly with age. Maybe you’re still curious; does sugar cause acne? To counter the effect of sugar intake, you need antiaging products that contain retinoids or retinol.

Other Dangerous Products

Meanwhile, artificial sugar products are also no better. Even for most people, artificial sugar can have a worse effect. These products are pure chemicals and can cause many problems. All kinds of substances that pollute the system will cause more acne. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame will also stimulate your appetite, causing you to want to eat more carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates such as bread and pasta can also trigger a surge in sugar levels in the body. Unlike the case with the sugar content in fruits and vegetables, this does not cause a surge in high insulin levels. Instead, fruits and vegetables are enriched with healthy enzymes that are easily digested and improve the digestive system.

What is not recommended is fruit juice and dried fruit, because of both store high sugar content. To produce shiny skin, try consuming vegetable juice every day without sugar. Drinking vegetable juice is also the easiest and fastest way to digest the antioxidants that the skin needs. So, the answer to the question; does sugar cause acne is definitely yes.

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