Does Birth Control Help with Acne? Find out Here!

Preventing pregnancy is the reason why birth control is sold all over the world but does birth control help with acne? In truth, there are many benefits of birth control pills for your health. One of them is to make beautiful skin because birth control pills effectively cleanse facial skin from acne so the skin becomes smoother.

It might sound strange, but in reality, birth control pills are indeed one of the therapies for acne that has been recommended by many dermatologists in recent years. In general, birth control pills that are deliberately prescribed to treat acne are aimed at women who also need contraception.

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Does birth control clear acne ?
Birth control pills are alternative if other acne medicines do not succeed in relieving inflamed zits. Birth control pills are indeed used to prevent pregnancy, but indirectly the use of birth control pills also makes the skin smoother than before.

The contraceptive pill contains a combination of the hormones estrogen and progesterone which work to inhibit the body's natural hormones, so as to prevent pregnancy. So, how does birth control help with acne? Here is the explanation of the widely asked question.

What Kind of Birth Control?

Birth control pills are made differently, for different purposes. So, which one is able to make your skin beautiful and free from acne? Androgen hormones, which are the sex hormones in women, trigger the oil glands to produce more sebum than is needed. This sebum will block the pores so that dirt is more easily trapped and eventually become pimples.

In women who take birth control pills, the hormone content in them helps reduce androgen levels, so oil production becomes more controlled. It prevents the growth of acne so it makes your skin cleaner than before.

Does birth control make acne worse before it gets better ?
However, not all birth control pills have the same effect on the skin. Birth control pills that contain progesterone alone and androgenic based can actually trigger acne growth. Therefore, the contraceptive pill you choose to prevent pregnancy while inhibiting acne growth is a combination pill that contains anti-androgenic progestin (artificial progesterone). It’s why people believe that birth control help with acne.

These pills contain low androgenic so effective to deal with acne. Several clinical trials have shown that women who take combined birth control pills can reduce inflamed acne and suppress the growth of acne so the skin becomes cleaner.

How Long is the Treatment?

The benefits of birth control pills to provide beautiful skin free from acne cannot be felt immediately in a short time. It usually takes at least three to four months for results to be seen. In fact, in some people, it takes one year to get the full benefits of overcoming acne from the use of the contraceptive pill.

This is how birth control help with acne. You may be required to take birth control pills for several months until your face is clear of pimples. When you first start taking birth control pills, acne will appear and become inflamed. This is a normal body reaction.

The use of birth control pills must also be consistent, if you are already suitable for the use of one type or brand of the contraceptive pill, you should not need to try another type or brand. To get maximum results, change the diet with foods that have a low glycemic index, reduce carbohydrates, gluten, and dairy products, to reduce levels of insulin and androgen hormones.

Maintaining clean skin in the right way also helps maximize your skin to stay healthy, bright, and free from acne. Stopping using birth control pills allows acne to grow back because the skin condition that is affected by hormones will return to normal. For this reason, consult with your doctor first if you want to stop using birth control pills. So, the answer to the question does birth control help with acne is yes.

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