The Truth of How Does Toothpaste Help with Acne

How does toothpaste cure acne - Many questions ask about toothpaste that has benefits in the treatment of acne, acne scars, and pimples. How do toothpaste help pimples? Does toothpaste help with acne scars? How does toothpaste help remove pimples? And there are many other similar questions.

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Everyone who is still prefer to home remedial will often use toothpaste to heal acne. Well, is it really okay to topically use toothpaste? Remember that we will apply it on our face skin which anyone would look at. Not like any other skin area where we can hide it, the face skin is exposed. 

So, we need to investigate carefully whether using toothpaste topically is safe or there is any side effect we don’t wish for. Home remedial is great but you should be wise regarding to what would happen with your face. Instead of rash treatment, try to learn the truth about how does toothpaste help with acne first.

How Does Toothpaste Help with Acne

So, how does toothpaste help to clear acne?
Toothpaste has some ingredients including alcohol, baking soda, menthol, triclosan and hydrogen peroxide. Triclosan is known as antimicrobial agent and the one that is believed treating acne by killing bacteria. However, triclosan is controversial related to the food and drug administration. After some studies proved that triclosan in hand soap doesn’t show any better effect than plain soap and water, it has been banned from being used.

You’ll still find triclosan as ingredients on your toothpaste because it effectively helps to diminish gingivitis and plague. See, you should realize that triclosan in toothpaste is specifically formulated to be used on teeth. Meanwhile, if you want to gain the effect of triclosan on your acne, you should use it in a form that has formulated for skin usage. 

On the other hand, the other ingredients which is contained in toothpaste will mostly leave your skin dried and even burning. This will totally worsen the inflammation you already endured. In worst case, your skin may build up defense to the over drying by forming new acne. 

What to Do with Your Acne

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Applying toothpaste on your acne will only make it irritated even more. This is no wonder because toothpaste has been formulated strong enough for teeth which means too strong for skin. Here on, reader should be aware that selecting common topical acne treatment would be safer as it is designed specifically to your skin.

Choose topical products that contain sulfur, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide for treating your acne. If you find triclosan in your product, don’t be swayed because it is there as preservative function. Those three ingredients will actively heal the inflammation and kill bacteria as well as supporting recovery.

That was the explanation for how does toothpaste heal acne. Does toothpaste help with pimples and blackheads too? Check out our next post. Hopefully this article is useful. Don't forget to share with your friends.

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