Dermatologist Medicine for Acne Vulgaris Fighter

The dermatologist treatment for acne vulgaris - Acne Advices Blog. No one wants even for a single acne inhabits their face. It’s really frustrating when you got those inflammation blotches which really look bad on your face. Nowadays, you may have known many kinds of products which claim to be effective for treating it.

dermatologist prescription for acne scars and dark spots

However, not all products will be effective for everyone since each person has their own specific condition. Maybe, you want to try some products which you can get a hold without prescription for its early attack. When it’s showing of no improvement, you can start to see a dermatologist to get the best fit treatment for your condition.

Before You Get Best Dermatologist Medicine for Acne

What Dermatologists do in Your First Visit
In your first visit, dermatologist will do some examinations. It is to make sure that what you have is really acne. There are some unusual skin conditions that may look like acne but it’s in fact not one. 

After the examination, dermatologist will explain on what level your acne is as well as acne type. There’s possibility that you may have not only one type of acne at your face. So, it’s probably also the reason why your own treatment is not successful. Seeking dermatologist advice is the best method as you will be full aware of what you really facing of.

Dermatologist Medicine and Treatment for Your Acne

There are actually three types of treatment which dermatologist can offer as solution to your case. But, here, I’ll only talk about the treatment that is usually intended to medicate acne nodules and cysts. This type of acne can be identified from its characteristic which is swollen and red appearance.

1. Antibiotics
Antibiotics is one of dermatologist drugs for acne with moderate to severe inflammation. The constituent is intended to kill bacteria which caused swelling acne. The usage of oral antibiotics needs tight supervision from doctor because the risk of being antibiotic resistance. You also need to know that antibiotics are also a dermatologist medicine for acne scars and dark spots.

This is why, you will be prescribed antibiotics in shortest time as possible. However, the newest study claims that oral antibiotics should be prescribed along with topical usage of benzoyl peroxide, so that the side effect can be decreased.

2. Combination of Birth Control Medicine
For reader who is women and wish to treat acne as well as use it as contraception, this dermatologist medicine is perfect choice. The pills consist of progestin and estrogen will manage hormones, so that it wouldn’t develop any acne. 

The pills alone may won’t show any improvement on your acne in a few months. So, you will be suggested to use it with other acne treatment on first weeks. This combination can also be used as a dermatologist treatment for hormonal acne.

3. Isotretinoin
Isotretinoin is one of the dermatologists prescribed medicine for acne. This is the best powerful that will cure any causes of acne. Your dermatologist will only prescribe Isotretinoin if any other medication couldn’t heal your severe acne. As its powerful healing medication, it also has serious side effect. If you are given this therapy, you will be following specified risk management to be safe.

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