Sunless Tanning

A good suntan will make almost anyone look better, but many people don't or can't spend time in direct sunlight. For these people, when it comes to tanning, sunless tanning is the answer.

Sunless Tanning Reviews
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We have heard reports about the danger of the sun's UV rays on the skin, but is sunless tanning really safer? 👉 Read more: How sun affect your skin

Sunless Tanning Reviews

Tanning Bed
Tanning beds use UV-A and UV-B lamps to tan the skin. Generally speaking, these lamps imitate the sun's rays. Promoters of their use erroneously say that it is safer than direct sun because the amount of exposure is regulated.

There are risks to using a tanning bed. The World Health Organization (WHO) has released warnings that tanning bed use exposes the skin to the same harmful radiation as direct sunlight. According to their report, tanning indoors holds the same risk of skin-related cancer as tanning outdoors.

Another area of concern is the spread of infection. Tanning beds can harbor a variety of germs and bacteria. A lot of bacteria thrive in heat, so beds must be cleaned thoroughly between uses.

Pregnancy is another concern. As a rule, tanning beds are not recommended during pregnancy due to the elevation in the mother's body temperature.

Spray Tans Sunless Tanning

Spray Tans
Spray tanning is growing in popularity. The tan is completed in one visit instead of several. Your best bet is to get a professional spray tan at a salon, but home spray tanning products are available on the market.

When using a spray tan product at home, assistance is usually required to make sure coverage is even over the body. Avoid using spray tans around the eyes and nose. They can irritate the eyes and may have harmful fumes.
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Self Sunless Tanning Lotions

Self-Tanning Lotions
Tanning lotions are another option for those wishing to tan without the sun. These lotions are easy to apply and absorb into the skin quickly. Different shades make it easy to acquire a natural-looking tan.

The tan from these lotions usually last three to four days before needing to be reapplied. Because the ingredients do not include any irritants, they are safe for most sensitive skin types.

Before using any sunless tanning sprays or lotions, be sure to do a patch test. Apply a small amount of the lotion or spray on an area of skin and watch for any sign of allergic reaction or sensitivity.

Always read warnings on products for tanning. Sunless tanning is not safe for everyone.

If you have any kind of medical skin condition, talk to your doctor before applying any kind of spray tan or tanning lotion.

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