Baby Acne : Causes, How to Prevent and Clear Up

Baby Acne on Face, Neck, Chest and Back

Acne Neonatorum or Baby acne is a very common condition mostly found to effect boy babies from infants to 4-6 months old babies. Most commonly it shows up a couple of weeks after birth and on the cheeks but can also be show up on the chin, forehead and back.

What causes baby acne ?

Mainly it is a reaction of a baby’s skin to a relative imbalance of male (androgenic) and female (estrogenic) hormones in the baby’s system following withdrawal of maternal estrogens after delivery.

It is a non-scaring (also read about scar) form of acne and only requires something for the dryness and itching. Since your baby isn’t producing these levels of hormones, once you’re done breast feeding and they’re out of it’s system, the acne will clear up.

How do you clear up baby acne ?

Baby acne is most prominent when your baby is hot or fussy, or when his skin is irritated. Oils and lotions do not help, and may actually aggravate baby acne. Parents are often recommended to apply a little over-the-counter medicine such as hydrocortisone cream for baby acne, but an ionic colloidal silver solution is a far safer remedy and generally more effective, as it kills the bacteria that live on the excess oil, plus stops the itching! Ionic colloidal silver, the safest acne treatment - reduces swelling - treats infection - removes itching and sores - and promotes healthy skin growth.

When to worry about baby acne ?

Your pediatrician for the most part will not proscribe you any treatment unless the acne is severe and does not clear up, lasting consistently for more than 3 months. You should never apply any type of acne products or acne treatments to baby acne as they might have a bad reaction or develop an allergy do to the harsh chemicals that some of these products contain.

How to prevent baby acne from getting worse ?

It is good to keep in mind that washing your baby’s face too much, or to roughly will irritate the acne and cause it to become dryer and break out more. It is best to use a mild cleanser meant for babies and pat dry. Also many of the creams you may use on your baby’s skin can add to the problem as well.

Try products like Baby Aveno, they are hyper allergenic and will help with the dryness, remember to use sparingly and apply gently. Also putting infant mittens on your baby will help keep them from scratching at it when itchy.

Although Baby acne looks bad and as a parent it’s hard to see your little one that way, remember that it doesn’t hurt and will clear up.

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