Why does the Skin Peel Off Near Hand Nails?

Hands must be exposed to various substances and ingredients that may be irritating every day. This situation can cause skin to peel off. Exfoliated skin will result in rough or uneven cuticles. This cracked skin will be susceptible to bacterial infections. Therefore, it is very important to treat skin like this.

Why do the skin peels off near hand nails

What causes the skin around your fingernails to peel?

The most common causes of exfoliation are:
1. Allergic reactions:
For some people, there are ingredients that cause allergic reactions only for their own skin. Exposure to ingredients such as soap, nail polish, latex, solvents, or detergents can be a major cause of skin exfoliation in women.

2. Nail biting:
This is a bad habit. This habit can damage the skin cuticle. Cuticle skin that has been damaged will be susceptible to skin infections. This situation is often experienced by children, but some adults who are often nervous also experience it.

3. Finger sucking:
This is also a habit that doesn't need to be emulated. This habit causes the skin to become dry and easily peeled off. This situation is often experienced by infants or toddlers.

What vitamin are you lacking when you have skin peeling off?

4. Nutritional deficiencies:
Lack of vitamins or calcium in the daily diet can also be a cause of skin peeling around the nails. An example is a lack of vitamin B3 which causes pellagra disease. In this condition the skin becomes dry to dermatitis. Lack of mineral consumption can also make the skin dry so it is easy to peel off.

5. Effects of the disease:
Some diseases that cause exfoliation of the skin around the nails include: psoriasis, dyshidrosis, and eczema.
  • Psoriasis occurs at the level of the life cycle of skin cells. Rapid growth causes buildup on the surface of the skin, forming patches and scales.
  • Dishidrosis is a rare skin problem. Symptoms of this disease are fluid-filled blisters that form on the sides of the finger. This situation will cause exfoliation of the skin around the nails.
  • Eczema is a skin inflammation that makes the skin itchy and dry. This situation can make peeling of the skin around the nails, especially chronic eczema and eczema accompanied by excessive scratching.
  • Chronic infection: Infection by fungi and bacteria can cause exfoliation of the skin around the cuticle.

Does excessive hand washing cause skin peeling off?

6. Excessive hand washing:
Indeed hand washing is a good habit, but it will be bad if done excessively. The use of soap every time you wash your hands will inhibit the skin's lipid barrier which actually causes the soap to easily absorb into the skin layer. Symptoms of exfoliation will occur faster when using soap ingredients that are allergic to sensitive skin.

7. Using products with hard chemicals:
Some manufacturers of soaps, shampoos and beauty products often add certain hard chemicals. Although the amount is very small, but if used continuously it can cause exfoliation. You must choose these products carefully.

8. Changes in weather:
Weather and climate can affect skin moisture. Dry or cold climates often cause dry, cracked and flaky skin.

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