Main Cause of Acne Vulgaris

Readers might get acne if you are teenagers or on your early 20s. It does not matter whether you are a male or female, acne can be anyone’s face.

But what is acne? Acne or also known as acne vulgaris is a skin condition when overactive oil glands and dead skin cells clog your pores. Even if you think that you have washed and taken care of your skin well, acne vulgaris would still have possibilities to appear on your face, neck, chest, shoulders, and back.

What is the main cause of acne vulgaris? Here are a number of factors that causes acne vulgaris.

what is the main cause of acne vulgaris

So, what is the main cause of acne vulgaris?

Genetics and Hormonal Changes
These two factors are the most influential to acne on the skin. If your parents had many acne when they were younger, you might also inherit the tendency. Besides, most cases of severe acne are found in teenager and young adult because, at around that age, a human body is changing quite a lot. The changes are heavily influenced by the hormones which affect the skin as well. However, acne can also be found in people in the 30s or 40s which can be caused by other factors.

Infections and Medications
Bacteria and a dirty condition can emerge as infections. Everyone has their own uniqueness as one and another can have different infections due to different reasons. Hence, what is the main cause of acne vulgaris might have variations in people. One of them is medications which can really change your skin condition. Birth control pills and steroids are the examples of medication that might cause acne breakouts. It is important to watch what you put in your mouth to stay healthy. Steroids and birth control pills basically help the body to change certain hormones. And as we have read above that hormones have important roles in the body, including your skin.

Cosmetics and Environmental Allergies
Makeups may look good when you wear it well but do not forget to clean your skin as well. Some people might have allergies to certain ingredients in cosmetics. In order to know what is the main cause of acne vulgaris personally, you may do an allergic test at the clinic. Trying different cosmetics in a short period of time may also causing acne, especially if you have a very sensitive skin. So be careful about choosing what you put on your skin. Dust and pollutions have high possibilities to make your skin has acne as well. It is important to have a clean environment and especially clean hands before touching your face.

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