Treating Tanned Skin

Did you — or do you still — bake in the sun hoping to get that perfect, glowing, healthy-looking tan? Not only are you exposing your skin to dangerous UV rays, you are wearing the results of sitting in the sun. Not so much scars as sun-browned skin, this occur when your skin has had more sun exposure than it can stand and less protection than it requires. You may now struggle with red patches, blisters, unsightly tan lines, and dark spots from too much tanning too often. Here’s how to prevent and treat tanning scars and restore your skin’s health.

Treating tanned skin at home
  • Exfoliate. Shower or bathe using an exfoliating sponge to reduce the scars from the sun and help your skin fade to its normal shade. Use an exfoliating body scrub, a loofah sponge, or a scrubbing brush for extra exfoliation.
  • Treat skin with over-the-counter medication. Use a body wash that contains alpha hydroxy acid, as this can help treat sun scars.
  • Concoct your own sun scar eliminator. Combine 2 tablespoons of salt or sugar with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. The salt or sugar will exfoliate skin effortlessly, and the lemon juice acts as a natural bleach and skin lightener. This intense and all-natural combination will help fade tanning scars. Use this treatment in the shower, then soothe skin with an alpha hydroxy lotion after drying.
  • Try an age-old remedy for sun scars: papaya. Papaya is a natural skin-lightening agent. Rub papaya pulp on tanned or sun-scarred skin. Rinse well and soften with papaya lotion.
  • Get fruity. To fade sun scars on several areas all at once, bathe in orange juice. Or scrub just the line of the scar twice daily with lemon juice and honey.
  • Add acid. Use a cleanser and moisturizer that contains natural fruit acids to help treat sun scars.
  • Eat well and drink plenty of water so your skin regenerates itself and the scars fade on their own.
  • Is your face scarred from the sun? Apply almond paste to your face after cleansing, then rinse. Or make a face pack of 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt mixed with the juice of half a small orange. The vitamin C and natural alpha hydroxy acids in oranges will help scars fade, and the yogurt will nourish and moisturize dry, scarred skin. Smooth onto face and let sit as a mask for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  • To even out sun scars all over, wash skin with tomato juice and let dry slightly, then rinse.
  • If your sun scars appear in patches, apply slices of potatoes to your skin and lie down. The enzymes in the potatoes can help fade your scars.
  • Rub sliced cucumbers on scarred skin.
  • Dip a cotton pad in cold milk and apply to sun-scarred skin to help fade lines.
  • To tackle the sun scars head-on, bleach your skin using a mixture of bleaching powder and cream. Be careful, as this can burn sensitive skin.Sun-scarred skin can be treated and eliminated with some smart and simple steps.
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