How to Deal with Acne Cyst Easily

Cystic acne usually occurs when you are a teenager. This acne problem is caused by hormonal changes that usually happen at the younger age. However, in some case, the acne cyst also can happen to you who are older. Now, if you have this problem, you must know how to get rid of an acne cyst as soon as possible. Cystic acne is very annoying. It’s painful and it can swell really big, which can give you an uncomfortable feeling. So, let’s move to the method to get rid of this annoying acne problem.

how to get rid of an acne cyst fast naturally

4 Methods to Get Rid of an Acne Cyst

Cortisone Injection
When you found out that you have an acne cyst, do not pop it. It will only make it worst. The best way is asking cortisone injection from your dermatologist. This injection is one of the most effective solutions for acne cyst. Inside, there is cortisone, which is one of the kind of steroids that can calm the inflammation of the acne cyst. By injecting it directly to your acne, its effect will work immediately. Therefore, it’s a good solution, for you who have to get free from this acne problem as soon as possible.

This is another method that can only be used and applied by your dermatologist. This method will suck the pos inside the acne cyst. Then the antibiotic inside the Isolaz tool will kill the bacteria inside the acne. The good thing about this method is it can be used to treat all types of acne. This is what we call to be how to get rid of an acne cyst easily.

Oral Antibiotic
There are some medicines that can help you to deal with acne cyst. Acne cyst itself is caused by P. acnes, one of bacteria type. Your dermatologist will give you the specific antibiotic to control these bacteria. Usually, you will get the tetracycline type antibiotic that can cure the inflammation.  This method won’t give you immediate result. It will need at least two weeks to show the result. 

Birth Control Pills
Birth control pill is said to be very effective for dealing with acne cyst. Most of the cyst case is caused by hormonal change. And, the birth control pill can control this hormone change. However, we don’t recommend it, because it can cause another health problem.

With how to deal with an acne cyst as easy as mentioned above, now you won’t have any problem anymore with it. Just find your dermatologist to find out more about what you can do to deal with acne cyst. They will help you to find the right treatment for your acne.

If you have any experience about how to get rid of an acne cyst fast naturally, you can share yours in our blog.

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