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Are you interested in becoming a writer and providing benefits for others? Through our blog, share the benefits and contact the larger acne and skincare fanatic community.

Now, we accept guest posts from fellow writers, readers, bloggers, and acne experts (absolutely NO copywriters!).

Our blog has a focus on acne, skin care, and its solutions. We discuss various topics, including product reviews, material highlights, DIY acne, acne hacks, skin care, beauty cosmetics, and more. Understand about the vision of our blog. If you have the same idea with us, we are very happy with that.


  • DYI acne: Do you have a recipe for dealing with acne, zits, or pimples that you want to share with us? You can share it. However, don't forget to mention all the tools you use, how often you use them, and the content of the ingredients or tools you use.
  • Ingredient spotlight: want to introduce us and our readers to the latest ingredients or give a warning about the dangers of ingredients that cause negative effects? You can do it. However, you must feed it in the form of articles that have a scientific foundation, not only scaremongering.
  • Acne hacks: Tell us about your private acne care that helps deal with your skin problems.
  • Acne myths: You can share information and truth to deny the myths about acne that are spread in the community.
  • Acne product reviews: Have a favorite product that you want to share? Whatever it is, we want to know!
  • Acne care routines: Share with our readers how you treat your acne and beauty. Other problems such as pimples, eczema, oily skin, and dry skin can also be shared.
  • Or any related topic about acne, acne problems, and acne treatments


Bio Author: Write a bio about yourself briefly. This section is pinned at the bottom of the article. You will get 1 direct link (you can pin it in this section or in the article section) and up to 2 links to your social media.
Be original: Make content 100% authentic. Articles have never been published anywhere (including your own blog).
Edit: If your article is accepted, we are free to edit. We reserve the right to change the title and content of the article in whole or in part. Besides that, we have the right to embed a direct link to our blog.
Length: The length of the article is 800-1500 words. Articles must be human and SEO friendly.
Links: You will get one link to your blog (choose wisely) and up to 2 links to your social media. We will delete excess links and those that do not meet the requirements.
No Scaremongering: The article you created must be based on field facts and scientific facts. You may not make an article based solely on your concerns.
Photos: Articles that include relevant photos will be additional values (maybe we will add the number of links). However, photos are not an absolute requirement for articles.
Source: In making articles, it is expected to make appropriate sources. You can create an active link because we will process it in the editing section.

How to?

Interested in becoming a writer on our blog? Please send your writing to
acneadvices [at] gmail [dot] com
  • replace [at] with @
  • replace [dot] with .

with format:

Subject: "Title of your article"
Email body: Please include:
  • Outline of your idea
  • A little biography about yourself
  • Link to your portfolio or any published work (if relevant)

Any submissions that do not meet these requirements will be ignored.

Happy work and thank you!

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