Skin Sinners : Foods That Can Aggravate Acne

We all have friends who seem to be able to eat as much "bad food" as they like and never suffer from spots. This is generally why people argue that these foods don't cause acne and pimple.

However, some of us are susceptible to break outs if we eat lots of the food in the list below. Cutting down your intake of these foods will not only help your acne but it will help keep you healthy for life.

Try and cut down on the food below. You can replace it with food in the alternatives, but try not to rely too much on this sort of food in your diet. Your skin will benefit most from including mostly the food on the skin savers list.

Skin Sinners Foods That Can Aggravate Acne
Alkohol: kind of drink that you should cut down.

List of Foods that Can Aggravate Acne Vulgaris Breakouts

For most people it might be necessary to avoid the foods below. However, this is not absolute for everyone.
Cut down on the following foods:
  • Red meat (beef and pork),
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, cream etc),
  • Smoked fish, meat or cheeses,
  • Processed foods (ready meals, tinned meals etc),
  • Wheat and wheat products,
  • Refined flour (white bread, white pasta etc),
  • Refined sugar (sweets, white sugar etc),
  • White rice,
  • High fat foods (deep fried, takeaways etc),
  • Yeasty foods (yeast, mushrooms, beer/lager, yeast extract),
  • Spicy food,
  • Burned or chargrilled food,
  • Salt,
  • Additives & preservatives,
  • Caffeine,
  • Alcohol, and/ or
  • Chocolate (refined sugar and milk).

Replace with the Alternatives to Avoid Acne Vulgaris Breakouts

  • Organic chicken, organic fish, and veggie mince,
  • Goat's milk/ cheese, sheep's milk/ cheese, soya milk/ yogurt/ cream,
  • Marinated tofu/ plain tofu,
  • Tinned fruits/ vegetables in water or own juice (not brine or syrup),
  • Wheat/ gluten free bread/ pasta, oats and other grains, (read more: Seeds and Beans for Health)
  • Wheat/ gluten free bread/ pasta,
  • Local raw honey, maple syrup,
  • Brown rice, chick peas, lentils,
  • Stir fry with minimal oil,
  • Fresh ginger, mild chilies,
  • Tamari (soy sauce without yeast),
  • Herbal teas,
  • Clear alcohol drink, and/ or
  • 70% cocoa solids and cocoa fat chocolate.

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