Adult Acne

About Adult Acne
The Adolescence is accompanied with many changes in our body and Acne or zit, as it is commonly called is one which can occur with the onset of adolescence. The disease is not only occurring in the teenagers and the early years of adolescents but on many occasions may recur in the people in the age group of 30 yrs and 40 yrs.

About Adult Acne
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Adult Acne Short Explanation

The acne has the same discomfort and requires the same attention and care as the acne which occurs in your early stages. The Acne also is sometimes more intense if it recurs as the skin becomes more abnormal in such cases, with rash like appearances over the skin.

Simple difference between adult acne and adolescent acne

The Acne occurring in the teens more often will get cured by itself or they may vanish with time. The treatment is not one which is more sought after in cases of acne as it is more often under recognized and is not consulted with doctor unless it becomes more noticeable and intense. In such cases there are more chances of recurrence in the adult stages.

The adult acne can be prevented by more careful and healthy lifestyle and proper maintenance of the skin. The boys have more chance of acquiring acne but when it comes to adult acne then the percentage of girls acquiring is higher. There are about 25% of the boys acquiring adult acne and 50% of the girls acquiring adult acne.

The adult acne is characterized by the pimples, medically referred to as comedo. The pimples are just pustules in the skin that are more often made of the excess keratin secretion, fat etc. The adult acne also has the aspects of cysts more often. The cysts are the advanced stages of the pimples and zits. This may look as reddened and more nodular in appearance. The adult acne is also considered as one that occurs due to improper hygiene. But this in most cases is not true.

What causes sudden acne breakouts in adults?

The main causes of the adult acne are the abnormal hormone activities. The hormones that are produced in the adrenal glands and the other reproductive system hormones like androgen etc, is produced more may lead to occurrence of the acne. The main reason behind this is the increased activity of the sebaceous glands that are present in the outer layer of the skin called dermis. The main reason for the acne infection is also the blockage of the pores in the skin layer dermis.

There bacteria that is usually present in the skin may be present in high amounts and may lead to development of pustules and nodules. The adult acne may be due to high stress condition because the stress in turn leads to hyperactivity of the adrenal glands resulting in excess hormone production. The adult acne may also be due to hygiene factors as the improper care of the skin may lead to blockages in the skin. The follicles and other glands in the skin may be affected in the dermis layer and may lead to pustule developments.

The other important cause for the adult acne is the hereditary reason associated with the person. The immediate relations if are affected by the acne then there is more possibility for him to have it, if no proper skin care is taken.

Treatment and Prevention 

What diet helps with adult acne? What food gets rid of acne?

The adult acne has nothing to do with chocolate or cheese in your diet. But a proper diet control is however necessary. The diet is one which you should concentrate on. Take more of food that aids in the good maintenance of your skin. The green leafy vegetables and fruits help your skin to be in proper condition. A good facial may benefit your skin. The skin is most often moisturized and cleansed during a facial.

What is the best acne treatment for adults?

The treatment of the adult acne is not the same as the teen acne. The creams and the gels that might have worked for you in the teen stages will not work out the same way in the adult acne stages. The treatment in the adult acne must be based on the benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acids. The benzoyl peroxides are the best treaters of the adult acne. The adult acne is mostly not best treated by the creams and gels. The complete removal and the good treatment is guaranteed by many programs that are available. These programs may have individualized treatment schemes to make the best possible effort at cleansing the skin.

How do I stop adult acne breaking out?

There are other machines and removal tools in the advanced technological treatment. And machines like Zeno Acne Clearing Device have actually helped in many cases. The removal most often does not treat the black heads but may lead to a better removal of the normal pustules and may clear the skin in most occasions. The machines produce heat and treat the pimples. The bacteria that are responsible for the zits are destroyed in the process. The main thing to be noticed is that the skin may get an odd look with ridges caused by the pimples. There are also treatments to cure the oddities and these are to be taken at your own will if you want to get a better look for your skin after regular treatments.

How can I prevent adult acne breakouts?

The better way will be to prevent ourselves from the acne disorders through the proper skin care and perfect lifestyle. Have regular exercises and other mind relaxing practices like the yoga. This will regulate the hormonal controls in your body. The entire skin and the body will be more healthy and the prevention of the adult acne will also need a regular washing of the face. The main areas that are affected are the facial region, neck portion and the shoulders. Make sure you do not spread the zits in the region by just touching it or scratching it over!

The adult acne is much under recognized and under cared in the starting stages. If the initial stages of the acne are cured well then its more easy to have the best of effects of the treatment.

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