Get to Know the Type of Pimples and Treatments to Get Rid of Them

Type of pimples and treatments really affect how fast those annoying reddish spots will go away. “Breakout” is generally used for describing all types of acne. However, it is not always the accurate description.

Review of Type of Pimples and Treatments

Causes of acne
Basically, acne is caused by clogged pores. On the other hand, your pores could be clogged due to several things such as dead skin cells, hormones activity, bacteria, ingrown hairs, and even the excess oil production. There is no one in this world who never involved with acne issue in their life. Here we have the types of acne and the proper treatment you can try.

Watch Acne Proccess and Clogged Pore Animation Video

Non-inflammatory acne

Whiteheads and blackheads are categorized as non-inflammatory acne. Both types are caused by the clogged pores due to dead cells and excess production of sebum. Whiteheads make the pore top closed while the blackhead let it open and causes oxidation – which makes it look black. You can treat this condition by using a topical retinoid.

Inflammatory acne
Inflammatory acne includes papules, nodules, pustules, and cysts. Papules show up when the pores are surrounded by walls that got break down due to inflammation. The skin will appear tender and pinkish.

Pustules could also happen when the walls got a breakdown. However, pustules will be filled with pus. Typically, there is a white or yellow dot on top of the reddish acne.

Nodules are the acne that will show up when the clogged pores get swollen and more irritated. Later, it will grow bigger. This type also occurs underneath your skin. When the bacteria are involved in the process, it will create painful acne and we call it cysts. This thing could leave scar since the infection is pretty severe.

Basically, the inflammatory acne can be treat by anything that contains benzoyl peroxide. Those can help to sooth the swelling and kill the bacteria while removing the excess oil. For the severe types like nodules and cysts, you can ask your dermatologist for the oral medication. If the cysts are pretty severe, your doctor may suggest a surgery.

How severe could it be?
The mildest type of acne is whiteheads and blackheads. Papules and pustules are considered as the moderate kind of acne. Even though those do not respond well toward the OTC, you can still try the prescribed topical drug.

When you must deal with the nodules and cysts, it means that you are on the most severe type of acne. Popping and picking would not be recommended and you better ask your dermatologist about this type of pimples and treatments.

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