The Simple Guide to Detect the Acne Problem

Acne is a serious skin problem, which can be really annoying if its break happens on your face. Therefore, before this problem comes out, it would be better if you know about it before too late. So, how to know if you have acne? There are several ways you can use.

Methods to Detect Your Acne Problem

Check It Virtually
Basically, you need to check the skin area by looking at it directly. You can use a mirror or something that can show you that area clearly. For example, you can use your Smartphone to take a picture of the area that you think where the acne will break. Take a high-quality photo and you will get the picture of that area condition. If there is a sign of acne, like reddening skin area or swelling, you can easily notice it.

The Acne Symptoms
The acne symptoms also can be used as the way to know that you have an acne problem. The symptoms also can differentiate the severity of the acne as well as the type of acne. Here are some of the symptoms and sign of acne and how to know if you have acne based on that signs.
  • Closed plugged pores – whiteheads acne,
  • Open plugged pores – blackheads acne,
  • Small, soft and red bumps – papules acne,
  • The pimple acne – similar to papules but with liquid-like substance come out from the tip of it,
  • Nodules acne – it has a bigger size, harder than papules, and it feels painful. It is located under the skin surface,
  • Cystic acne – you will feel pain in the area where it occurs. Then, you also can find a swelling full of pus beneath the skin surface. This is the worst case you can have.

The Treatments
Now, after you find those sign and know that you have an acne problem, the next thing you must do is treating it. There are many different treatments you can use, such as using benzoyl peroxide and other acne treatment product. But, the simple and basic treatment you can do is cleaning your skin regularly. Then, you also need to keep attention to your daily diet menu. The last method you can do is visiting the dermatologist. They are the one that knows how to deal with your acne.

That is how to know if you have acne method. By knowing the problem at the earlier stage, you will have a better chance to treat and cure it. Moreover, when you treat it at the earlier stage, it won’t leave any scar. 

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