5 Simplest Methods to Have Acne Free Face

How to keep an acne free face? This is the question that everyone is looking for the answer. Acne on your face means that you will have a lot of problems when you face other people. It will annoy you and make other people that look at it feel uncomfortable. So, what is the answer to that question? Here, we have the information that you can use to prevent acne break on your face.

Here Are 5 Simplest Ways to Have Acne Free Face

Don’t Pop
This is an important thing you must do. Even though you have an urge to pop your pimple up, keep your hand from it. Inside the acne, there are many bacteria. If you pop it, the bacteria have a chance to spread and enter other pores on your skin. And guess what, you will get acne.

No Makeup Please!
Foundation, lipstick and other makeup can block your skin. Blocked or clogged skin pores will become the great place for bacteria to live. In the end, it will cause swelling or we all know it as acne. Sometime, do the no makeup day. It will give you skin a chance to breathe.

Don’t Touch the Face
The simplest way of how to keep acne free face is keeping your hand from your face. Your hands have many different substances on it, which can block your skin face pores. Even though you wash your hands a lot, there is always oils and dirt on them. It can move to your face skin which can become one of the factors that cause acne break.

Have Enough Water
Water will be able to moisturize your face skin from inside. The moisturized skin will be able to prevent inflammation. Moreover, your skin is also like other organs inside your body. It needs water to function properly. When your skin can work like it should be its regeneration ability will also work as well, which can prevent the acne problem.

Keep Attention on Your Diet
Do not eat too much sweet or sugary drink or food. There is indeed no evidence or research that proves that this kind of food or drink can cause acne. However, in some the diet report, sugar is considered to be one of the triggers that can cause skin problem, including acne. 

Basically, those are method about how to keep an acne free face. If you follow them, we can guarantee that you will have healthy skin. Of course, you also need to use healthy skin care product in order to keep it acne free.

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