Things You Need to Know about Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Acne treatment for sensitive skin might be not as same as the treatment you give to normal skin. Here we have things you need to know about acne and sensitive skin.

Facts about sensitive skin

Sensitive skin gives unwell respond toward harsh treatments and your skin will create more oil. If you continue to use the wrong treatment, your acne could get any worse. Commonly, you will know if your skin is sensitive by looking at its reaction toward alcohol, laundry products, and fragrances. And if this is your case then you need to use benzoyl peroxide in a very mild concentration.

Also, sensitive skin may also be seen if you found some brown spots after the acne is healed. The brown spot may get darker if you apply certain products for lightening it. This skin type is very reactive toward stress and it creates the oily sebum.

How to know whether you have sensitive skin

There are several things that could be the indication of a sensitive skin. Sensitive skin may create bright red pimples on the skin. Sunscreen, toners, and other things that you put on your face may cause a sting and burn sensation. Gold jewelry, as long as it is not the 14-karat ones, could cause a sudden breakout.

The fragrance from shampoo, moisturizer, and others could cause itchy and dry skin. Extreme temperature change could lead to a breakout. And also, your face and neck look red due to anger and embarrassment.

You can see this table image:

3 Level of Sensitive Skin
simple explanation about level of sensitive skin

The difference between rosacea and typical acne
Rosacea is a skin condition when the inflammation starts in the blood vessels and not in pores. If this is your case then trying to let out the oil will not cause any good. But if those are your common acne in your sensitive skin, then you better not let the oil out. Sensitive skin needs a very sensitive care.

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How to take care of sensitive skin

The main key is minimizing the inflammation if you want to minimize the discoloration. So, if certain products cause tingling, burn, red, or itch sensation, just stop to use the product. It means that you need to use a very mild concentration of benzoyl peroxide. If your skin does not give a well respond toward fragrance, do not use it as well. Your skin may also respond unwell to products that contain vitamin C and hydroquinone since those could lead to a dark spot. And this is the end of acne treatment for sensitive skin.

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