How to Use Mint Leaves for Acne

How to Use Mint Leaves for Acne – Mint leaves are known for their benefits since so many years ago. The leaves can be brewed for beverages and they solve some health problems including headache and stomachache. More than that, don’t you know that the mint leaves are recommended also for clearing acne? The steps to apply it are very easy as well. So, how are they?

3 Ways to Apply Mint Leaves for Your Acne or Pimples

Mint Leaves Mask
The first way to apply the mint leaves on acne skin is by making a mask from it. Pick and collect some mint leaves and then pulverize it manually. Apply the mint leave paste on the part with acne. If you also want to make the entire face skin become smoother, you can apply it on all parts for sure just like the face mask. Wait for around 20 minutes until the mask is dry and rinse it while massaging your face gently.

Mint Leaves Water Infuse
The term of water infuse is really popular recently. It is a kind of cold beverages made from fruits that are soaked into water. Well, you can also make one from mint leaves to get rid of your acne. Put some leaves in a bottle of water and keep them in the refrigerator for around 24 hours. Then, apply the water on your skin and let it dry by itself without you have to wipe it. Repeat the process around twice a day until you find the acne is shrunk and disappeared.

Mint Oil
You don’t need to make it by yourself for sure. In fact, there are bottles of mint essential oil available in the shops out there. It is very easy to apply in which only need to smear it on the area with acne. Wait for some minutes and the acne can just disappeared by itself. Use the mint oil when you are sleeping and in the morning, you can find the skin is getting better.

The mint oil can also be used to steam your skin. There are some other benefits aside from removing the acne. This mint oil sauna is also good for removing the blackheads and preventing the wrinkles. Drop the oil into a bowl of water. Place your face around 20-30 cm above it for around 10 minutes until it is sweaty. Wipe your face with a towel that you have prepared before and the dirt along with acne can just be removed.

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