These Natural Treatments Will Make Baby Acne on Face Gone

How to treat baby acne on face naturally is actually different from treating can in adults. Not only because the condition of baby skins but also the type of is the acne itself dissimilar.

how to treat baby acne on face naturally

Ways of treating baby acne
Baby acne is quite normal to occur and it usually goes without any treatments. In some babies, acne may stay for months rather than weeks. For this type of acne, you need to meet with a pediatrician in order to get the right prescription of medicated cream to get rid of those acnes. It is not recommended to use OTC treatments or lotions to treat the acne because the baby skin is very sensitive. Using those treatments especially without any prescription from a pediatrician may turn acne even worse or cause irritation on the baby skin.

Natural treatments to help baby acne
There are several efforts that you can do to make your baby skin as healthy as possible. First, you can clean up your baby face daily using warm water. Many people like to use bath time to do this treatment. Using warm water is enough but you can go with mild soap or other soap-free baby face wash. However, it is important to have a consultation with pediatrician previously if you want to use baby soap so that you can pick the one which is tolerated by the baby skin. Avoid any products with fragrance since it likely causes irritation on the baby skin.

Never scrub the baby skin
You have to remember that baby’s skin is still sensitive so never treat it as adults’ skin. Don’t scrub the skin with a towel because it can make the skin condition even worse. To clean the face skin, use a washcloth to sweep the skin gently in circular motion. When you use any mild cleanser, wash it off first then pat the babyface using a dry towel until it dry.

No squeezing on the acne
If squeezing is not allowed when you treat acne in adults, you have to be more careful when treating baby acne. Never squeezing or pinching the acne because it will cause irritation on baby skin as well as make the problem even worse. Acne in a baby is likely harmless. It is neither itchy nor painful so it will go on its own. Be patient and make the babyface skin as healthy as possible through daily home treatments actually how to treat baby acne on face naturally.

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