How to Make Acne and Pimples Go Away in One Day

How to Make Acne Go Away in a Day – Acne basically comes and goes by itself. Yes, it is a normal process when the dirt in your pores meets the oil and bacteria and they infect your skin. Unfortunately, this skin problem often appears not at the right time. Then, it is reasonable if you may look for a way to remove it only in a day. This is still possible for sure although the results are often different from one to another. So, how is it?

Try to Make Your Acne Go Away Just in a Day

Ice Blocks
First, there are ice blocks to help you solving this problem. Prepare some blocks from your refrigerator and then cover them using a small towel. Use the ice blocks covered with the towel to compress the skin with acne. When the blocks are on the skin, let them be for some minutes. Repeat the process until the reddish skin is slowly disappeared. The bump can also be shrunk by itself.

Eye Drops
How to use eye drops for pimples? Well, it sounds weird indeed. But that’s true; the eye drops are effective also to remove the acne. In fact, this eye treatment contains Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride that can kill the bacteria faster. Just drop the liquid directly on the acne. Another way is by dropping it on a piece of cotton and then attaches it to the skin with acne.

Does toothpaste get rid of acne and pimples? Toothpaste is also another stuff commonly mentioned when talking about healing the acne. Similar to the eye drop, the paste contains antibacterial substances to kill bacteria and remove the acne faster. Just apply it on the skin with acne and wait for around 15 minutes until it is dry. However, you must avoid using a kind of toothpaste with fluoride and menthol. Particularly if your skin is sensitive, those substances can cause other problems like irritation.

Tomato contains many substances with antibacterial characteristics; let’s say vitamin C and antioxidant. Therefore, it is reasonable if the acne problem can also be solved with it. Apply it on your skin by slicing a tomato into two. Use one of them to rub the skin with acne gently. If the area is dry, you can feel that your acne is also getting dry. It means that the acne is actually already healed.

Not only tomato, a lemon also has a high level of vitamin C and antioxidant. That’s why; it is effective also as a natural treatment for acne. The way to apply it is also similar to the tomato in which you only need to slice it. Then, put it on the skin with acne.

That is all simple trick to make your annoying acne. You can try it carefully. Find other article about this topic in search box. Example: Simple home remedies for pimples

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