How to Get Rid of Spots and Acne Using Black Tea (Tea Bag Method)

This article will show and describe you about how you can use black tea (tea bag method) to get rid of your acne, pimple, uneven or wavy skin to get it looking healthy again.

Fill up a cup with warm water. You can use 1 part hot water and 2 parts cool water to make this warm water. Once a good temperature is obtained achieved, place your one or more tea bag (black tea) into the cup.

get rid of acne using tea bag method
put tea bag in warm water

Allow the tea bag(s) to be sunk for a few moments, then once the warm water has become a dark brown - the suitable saturation of back tea has been obtained.

Lie down flat, get a horizontal position, and place old pillows (no longer used) underneath your head (so if the tea runs off of your face and go downwards, it won't ruin your new pillow).

Place one or more tea bag (contain black tea) straight onto your face. Rubbing the bag gently around and spread the water evenly on the entire of the face that affected by acne. The residual will dry quickly, so you may apply it more and more. You may repeat it many times. You should ensure that u apply the tea bag in your nose, T-zone, and any area that prone to bumps, redness, and general uneven skin.

tea bag of black tea can deal with acne
rubbing tea bag and spread the water on the entire face

After one or two minutes, put the tea bag(s) back into your cup. Allow them to heat up and saturate once more. After that, you can take them out and put them on your eyes. This action will tighten your skin around the eyes. Doing this will also lighten any dark areas by infusing caffeine into your pores.

black tea bag method
you can also put on your eyes

Ok that is the tips. Also read more our article in Acne Advices Blog

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