Cure Your Acne Swelling Using Lemon Juice

Many people who have acne in the whole world can verify the healing effect of lemon juice. It is applied directly to the skin or drunk as a potion without sugar. Important to remember too, pure lemon juice can be irritating to sensitive skin.

lemon juice deal with acne swelling

Review Lemon Juice Treatment For Acne Swelling

  • Lemon juice used on the skin will cause two effects. It can ease inflammation and can cause inflammation.
  • Occasionally, lemon juice effects are nearly instantaneous, particularly when the main problem is clogged skin pores or oily.
  • Lemon juice resolves by shutting down bacteria that cause acne.
  • Lemon juice also acts by breaking signals to the immune system that can cause inflammation response.
  • The presence of UV-A rays od the sun will make lemon juice work more intensive.
  • People who have dark brown or black skin should carefully use lemon juice therapy.

What Lemon Juice Does on Your Skin
Lemon juice is acidic. You should know that your skin is exactly healthier when it is acidic. It's pH between 4 and 5. So, the most problem in acne treatment is that the skin is not acidic enough for the treatments we do to work.

Bactera will feel uncomfortable when pH goes down. However, your skin needs some bacteria as natural clean up crew. Small numbers of acne bacteria carry out a useful purpose by decreasing excess sebum. Lowering skin pH makes the skin pores a lot less friendly to the bacteria, without causing them to emit the chemicals that cause an immune reaction that produce in inflammation and redness on your skin. Korean scientists researching Korean citrus fruits have affirmed that using lemon juice to the skin induces acne bacteria to issue less of the chemical compound messenger that deceives the human immune system into destroying skin cells (it will give the bacteria an escape way to the skin surface) by releasing a compound known as interleukin-8, or IL-8.

Japanese scientists have found that a compound known as nobiletin. It is also present in orange. This compound decrease excess secretion of sebum, at least on animals in laboratorium. Bitter orange, blood orange, and sweet orange juices (that is, juices from sweet oranges such as those consumed in the whole world outside Asia, not orange juice with sugar in it), may also be helpful on oily skin.

Lemon Juice Sting Your Acne Swelling

Many users record that lemon juice stings the acne or pimple when it is smeared to it. Normally, whatever cause stinging on the skin is not a good thing. However, lemon juice causes a stinging that also decelaretes the processes of inflammatory, so that the net result on the skin is nice.

Are There People Who Should Not Use Lemon Juice?
There is one class of people who should not apply lemon juice to deal with acne. Lemon juice is not suitable for acne on people who have dark brown or black skin. Why? Because people who have dark skin must have a large amount of melanocytes. These cells funtion to make pigment. Lemon juice will stimulate melanocytes to produce antioxidants. Finally, these antioxidants will protect the skin. These processes also produce more skin pigments. It is possible that lemon juice may induce long-term or permanent darkening of the already-dark skin.

Any darkening of the skin induced by lemon juice will be more serious when the skin is unprotected to the sun rays. Lemon juice compounds are particularly active in the melanocytes when they are activated by the UV-A rays of sunlight. Dark skin will not burn, but it will darken even more when exposed to sunlight after lemon juice therapy.

Lemon juice doesn't work well for everyone. If you would like to try a more traditional acne treatment consider to read more in Acne Advices Blog.

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