How to Help Your Baby Acne Go Away?

How to help baby acne go away? Basically, baby acne is common and the cause remains unknown, just like the adolescence acne. Acne usually shows up on the cheeks and forehead. Sometimes it also appears on the chin and also the back. The acne could be more severe if your baby is fussy or hot. Irritation due to saliva, spit-up milk, and rough fabric could contribute as well.
Try to Help Your Baby Acne Go Away
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Important Thing to Know on How to Help Your Baby Acne Go Away

Causes of baby acne
However, the cause remains unknown. Experts say that the hormones of the baby that come from the mother could come to this condition. However, the further studies still could not agree to one particular cause.

Taking certain medications while you still breastfeed your child could trigger the acne in the baby. In some cases, the baby reacts to certain skincare products. If you use skincare products while still breastfeed the baby, make sure you use the organic ones and choose the products that do not block the pores.

How long does it last?
Usually, the acne could clear up within several weeks. However, some cases report that the acne could stay for months. If it bothers you and you are concerned about it then you should talk to the baby’s doctor. Topical medications will be prescribed by your doctor in case the acne gets severe and long-lasting. If the acne shows its persistence then it seems like your child will face with acne during the teenage-hood.

What to do and not to do
If you notice there is a blemish on your kid’s face, it could be other irritation or acne. It is important to talk to the baby’s doctor so you will know the proper action and medicine that should be given to the baby. However, there are also several things you can and cannot do when it comes to baby acne.

Do not use any over-the-counter medicine for acne to your baby. Scrubbing the acne is not recommended as well since the dirt is not the cause. Washing it too much would cause worse irritation. Other than that, avoid giving the oily lotion to the baby’s skin.

Instead, wash the baby’s face once a day with a mild baby soap and water. To dry it, you just need to pad it gently and not scrubbing it. Basically, your baby is not bothered by the acne. So, please try to be patient and do not let it bother you. When it comes to how to help baby acne go away, these are the least you can do.

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