Knowing Earlier of How to Get Rid of Baby Acne on Newborn Face is Beneficial

How to get rid of baby acne on newborn face is easy. You need to know what and how the baby acne is first.

how to get rid of baby acne on newborn face
acne on baby face

The Baby Acne readers should know
It is common for your baby to have baby acne, or also called neonatal acne, on its cute face and body. It is temporary and often goes just like that without any treatments at all. It is different from infantile acne which usually blackheads, nodules, and cysts, and last until your baby turns 2 years old. How to deal with baby acne on newborn face is even easier if you know that. Baby acne happens only in the first few months of your cute baby’s life. The cause of it is unclear but it is believed that the cause is the infant or maternal hormones.

How to Get Rid of Baby Acne on Newborn Face? Use these Ways!

  • You should bathe your baby every day with warm water and with a soft soap and shampoo created especially for babies. Ask your pediatrician’s advice about the best soap and shampoo for your baby.
  • When bathing your baby, it is a big no to scrub its skin. You should use a soft towel to clean the baby’s body and face with gentle circular motions instead.
  • Don’t think about using lotion to treat your baby’s baby acne.
  • Don’t panic or sad if your baby has baby acne because it’s harmless, not painful, and not itchy. Don’t squeeze it either or the baby will get skin irritation.

Talking about this topic is so interesting, right? Let’s dig more about baby acne.

Symptoms of Baby Acne
Baby acne appears to be red pimples or bumps, which can grow everywhere on your baby’s face, neck, and on its upper back. Saliva, vomit, rough fabric, and chemicals can worsen the baby acne. It is possible for the baby acne to appear at birth.

How to get rid of baby acne on newborn face with Natural Method

The baby acne on newborn can deal with natural way is also possible. Just use Witch Hazel and Apple Cider Vinegar to apply to your cute baby’s skin with baby acne. Make sure you are slow and gentle when applying them. It is a must for you as the mother to consume much vegetables and fruits if you breastfeed your baby.

Many women believe that when you use your breast milk to apply on the affected areas, you will help get rid of baby acne. They say that breast milk exactly can get rid of baby acne on newborn face is all about. Experts say breast milk may cause the clogged pores to happen due to the different levels of pH on your baby’s skin and your breast milk.

Some women, when it comes to how to get rid of baby acne on newborn face they will tend to give their baby overdressing. No, you can’t do that. Your baby will sweat too much causing the baby acne to appear. Some women also love to bathe their baby excessively. That is a big no as well. Your baby’s skin is great to protect itself from bacteria, if you bath your baby too much, the chemicals thing from soaps and shampoos will give your baby’s skin infection that surely may cause the baby acne to appear. So, what do you think? It’s easy of dealing with baby acne on newborn face, right?

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