How to get Rid of Acne Bumps Fast with Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Acne Bumps Fast with Home Remedies – Acne indeed often comes out not in a necessary time. Well, you may have a plan to hang out with friends or attend a party tomorrow. When there is a big bump appeared, it is surely frustrating. But you should not worry since there are some ways to get rid of the acne even without taking too much time.

What are they?

Honey on how to get rid of acne bumps fast with home remedies
honey can deal with acne bumps

Some Ways to Get Rid of Acne Bumps with Your Home Remedies

Ice Cubes
An acne is actually an indication that there is an inflammation occurred on your skin. It is due to the dirt and bacteria combined to obstruct the pores. The first aid for this problem is by cooling the area down. It is very easy how to do it. Grab around two or three cubes and cover them with a towel. Put them on the area with acne bump for around 10-15 minutes. Repeat this treatment around 3 times a day.

Tea Tree Oil
This oil is famous enough as an ingredient to solve many skin problems including the acne. How is it? First of all, check it whether the oil may irritate your skin or not by smearing it on your hand’s skin. If there is no any reaction, you can directly apply it to your face skin.

Smear it on the area with acne and wait it for some hours while you do some other activities. Another method is by dropping it to the warm water and uses it to wash your face.

Applying a kind of natural mask from honey is another effective way to remove the acne bump faster. Just smear it thoroughly on the part with acne or the entire face if you also want to smooth your skin. Then, wash your face with warm water while massaging it. If you have lemon or lime in your kitchen, take the water and pour it into the honey before applying it. Do the process twice a day to make it work faster.

Aloe Vera
This plant can just easily found around. Interestingly, it is recommended also as a natural treatment for some skin problems. For acne bump, just smear the Aloe Vera on the acne bump and wait for it until it is dry. The anti-inflammation substance contained in the Aloe Vera gel tends to fasten the healing process of this skin problem. Therefore, the bump is easily shrunk and the acne is disappeared entirely without leaving any scar.

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