How to Clear Hormonal Acne Naturally Effectively and Safely

You can treat your hormonal acne naturally at home. Some people love to treat it naturally because it is safer, affordable, and effective enough to remove hormonal acne. The information below shows you how to clear hormonal acne naturally.

green tea on how to clear hormonal acne naturally
green tea can clear hormonal acne fast and naturally

How to Clear Your Annoying Hormonal Acne Naturally

Tea Tree Oil 
Do you like to drink a cup of tea in the morning? Tea tree oil is one of the ingredients which can be used to clear hormonal acne. The compound works by reducing inflammation and symptoms of mild to moderate acne. The acne removal products are also using tea tree oil as one of the ingredients.

Test the oil on your forearm first to make sure that your skin accepts it. If you don’t feel itchy or suffer from any skin irritation, you may apply the tea tree oil on the acne. Apply the oil regularly at least once a day for a few weeks until the hormonal acne gone.  

Green Tea 
If it is difficult to find tea tree oil, you can also use green tea to clear hormonal acne. The function is similar to the tea tree oil in which it reduces inflammation and skin irritation. You may drink the green tea and apply it directly to the skin with acne.

Green tea is considered as an effective ingredient to clear acne and it is used in some acne removal products. The key is applying the green tea regularly at least once to three times a day. Slowly but sure, the essential compounds on the green tea will get rid of your hormonal acne. It is a great way of how to clear your hormonal acne naturally for tea lovers.

Regular Treatments 
There are also several regular treatments to get rid of hormonal acne without going to the doctor or taking any painful treatments. First, you have to wash your face anytime after working or applying makeup. Use warm or fresh water to rinse your face skin. The best time to wash the skin is in the morning before starting your daily activities and in the evening after doing everything.

Second, apply certain acne removal product and make sure that it has been recommended by your doctor. Follow the instruction well especially the dosage and the time to apply the product. Don’t apply the product too much because it might dry the skin or trigger skin irritation.

Third, it is very important to prepare a sunscreen product and use it daily especially if you have to go outside all day long. Just make sure that the products are safe so it doesn’t clog your skin pores. This is a well known how to clear hormonal acne naturally without serious side effects.

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