How to Reduce Acne Swelling with 4 Easy Methods

Acne swelling (skin inflammation) can be really troublesome. It is painful and annoying. Moreover, if the pimple shows up in the area that can be easily seen, like your forehead or nose that would be even worse. It will make you look bad. Therefore, it’s important for you to know how to reduce acne swelling method. Here, we have some methods that you can use.

How to Reduce Acne Swelling with 4 Easy Methods

Simple Tips on Reduce Acne Swelling with 4 Easy Methods

Witch Hazel Method
You can use witch hazel plant to reduce the skin inflammation. Mostly, witch hazel is used as an astringent. However, this plant also has the relieving properties for itching and redness on acne. Therefore, it also works for the pimple swelling remedies. But, you need to remember, witch hazel won’t cure your acne. It is only treating the swelling. So, it can be used to reduce your zits appearance.

Ice Cube Method
The swelling on your zits basically is the same with the injury or swelling that you get when you bump on something. Therefore, the ice cube is also working to reduce the zits swelling. How to reduce blackheads or whiteheads swelling with an ice cube? It is simple. Just apply it on swelling pimple area. It will contract the blood vessels that can reduce the appearance of the red swelling pimple. (Click how to reduce acne swelling with ice cube to find more about this method)

Next Tips to Reduce Acne Swelling

Tea Bag Method
Firstly, you must prepare warm water and a tea bag. Choose the black tea for better effect. Black tea has tannin inside, which can reduce the zits swelling. The method to use the black tea bag for reducing pimple swelling is easy. Just dip the bag into the hot water. Then take it out and squeeze the liquid out of it. Let it cool and apply it on the swelling pimple. It will give you a comfortable feeling as well. (Click how to get rid of spots acne using tea bag to find more about this method)

Lemon Method
Lemon has a lot of Vitamin C and E that help your skin to regenerate. So, you just need to cut and take a slice of lemon. Place it on the swelling area. The Vitamin C and E will do the work. Moreover, the citric acid inside the lemon will also help you to kill the bacteria in pimple. If you use this method a few times, you will see the real result. (Click cure acne swelling using lemon juice to read more about this method)

Using those methods, you will be able to solve theskin inflammation problem. But, the most important thing here isn’t only using that method. You also need to maintain your diet and life healthier. That way you will get how to reduce zits and pimples swelling in the best and safest way.

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