How to Make Your Own Acne Mask Using Natural Ingredients

Having acne can be such a problem for most of the people so that they sometimes looking for how to make your own acne mask to treat this condition. DIY facial mask for acne often becomes a solution for those who want to get rid of acne without any side effects.

How to Make Your Own Acne Mask Using Natural Ingredients
How to Make Your Own Acne Mask Using Green Tea

Some Natural Ingredients to Make Your Own Acne Mask

Green tea and honey acne mask
Among various kinds of easy home remedies for acne is a green tea mask. If you are interested to make this mask, all you need is just some green tea powder which can be taken from tea bag or matcha. Other supporting ingredients are lemon juice around one teaspoon, raw honey around one tablespoon, as well as sugar around three teaspoons. 

To make the mask, mix all those ingredients until they form a paste. After that, apply the green tea paste on the face area except for the eyes, eyebrow, and mouth. Use your hands to rub the face over your face around 1 to 2 minutes by making circular motion slowly. Let it stay on your face around 10 to 15 minutes before you clean it. While cleaning the face with warm water, help the skin to exfoliate by tapping it using a washcloth.

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Baking soda and coconut oil acne mask
If you are looking for another simple way how to make your own acne mask, you can try to make acne mask by combining baking soda and coconut oil. You only need to prepare baking soda around one teaspoon, some natural raw honey, as well as one tablespoon of good quality coconut oil. For an alternative option, you can change coconut oil with olive oil. Make a paste mask by combining all those ingredients together. 

Apply the mask to the face especially on the affected area. However, make sure the paste does not get into your eyes and mouth. Rub the mask for a few minutes so that it absorbed on the skin. Make sure the mask work by leaving it on the skin on 10 to 15 minutes. Then, wash the skin face using the warm skin. 

Turmeric and raw milk acne mask
Another simple DIY mask that you can make is by combining one teaspoon of turmeric powder and three teaspoons of raw milk. Don’t forget to add one teaspoon of raw honey. After you successfully form a paste from those ingredients, you can directly apply it on your skin. To apply on the affected skin, you had better use cotton buds. Leave it above 10 to 15 minutes. Its application is as simple as how to make your own acne mask.

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