How to Get Rid of Under Skin Acne

How to Get Rid of under Skin Acne – Acne is basically a hair follicle that is enlarged for the inflammation caused by oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. The follicle then obstructs the pore and causes inflammation.
how to get rid of under skin acne
tree tea

There is a type of acne that tends to be easier to removed, known as acne with puncta or an eye. This acne grows only above the epidermal layer so that the puncta or pus can be pulled out simply. However, there is another type that grows even under the main skin. Although there is still the same puncta and pus inside, it is more difficult to be removed. This under skin acne is signed by the unseen puncta. So, how to remove it?

Keep Your Skin Clean and Clear
Before starting the treatment, make sure your skin is really clean and clear. You can clean it with cleaning liquid especially for acne skin or facial wash with the same function. During the treatment, it is better not to apply makeup at all. Well, you should not worry since it may only be around 2 days. Another solution if you are required to use makeup is applying it very thinly or use acne specially produced for acne skin.

Ice Block
Some kinds of skincare and acne treatments are indeed offered out there. You can use them. Sure, it should be with the dermatologist’ prescriptions. But if you want to use the natural methods, just try this one. Cover an ice block with a towel. Put them on the area with under skin acne until around 5 minutes. Repeat the process some more until you find it is shrunk.

Tree Tea Oil
Tree tea oil has some functions on the skin including reducing the bacteria. Therefore, it can be used to heal acne above or under the skin. To apply it, the tea tree must be diluted at first. Then, put some drops of tea tree oil into the water. The mix should contain around 5% tea tree and 95% air. Be careful in smearing the mix so that it doesn’t contact the eyes, nose, and mouth. Wait for 20 minutes and rinse it gently with warm water.

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Citrus Water
You can also use acidic home remedies. The easiest ones to be found are citrus water from lemon, lime, and orange. Apple cider is also good for this. Similar to the tea tree oil above, smear the citrus water on the area with under skin acne. Wait for 15-20 minutes until it is dry and rinse it with water.

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