4 Easy Ways on How to Get Rid of Redness After Acne

Acne is an annoying problem with your daily activities. It makes you feel not confident and redness often appear on the skin. The redness after acne surely will make you annoyed. That is why it needs to apply the right ways on how to get rid of redness after acne. The redness totally will decrease your beauty and self-confidence.
how to get rid of redness after acne
antibiotic can get rid of redness afner your acne

4 Simple Methods on How to Get Rid of Redness After Acne

The use of the chemical drug like antibiotic may become a way on how to remove redness after acne. The used antibiotic is erythromycin, tetracycline, and minocycline. The application of antibiotic requires some days and otherwise used to the doctor’s prescription to reduce the side effects of the antibiotic.

Ice Tube
If you dislike the use of antibiotic, it is better to find the alternative way. You may use ice tube to remove redness after acne. The way is so simple to use the ice tube. Firstly, you need to prepare ice tube and cloth and then put the ice tube to the cloth. Apply it on the redness area after acne and let it for minutes. Do it repeatedly until the redness is decreased. Don’t apply it tightly because it hurts the redness on the face. This simple way on how to get rid of redness after acne is able to minimize the redness due to acne.

You may take a bathing tool like toothpaste for removing redness after acne. The toothpaste is the chosen one. This is multifunctional. Despite cleaning teeth, the content of silica is able to handle redness after acne. It is useful to dry the acne. But, you must take a particular toothpaste type. It mustn’t have menthol or fluoride because those compounds tend to make a skin irritation. It makes the acne develop rapidly. To use it, you only apply it on the redness before rinsing it.

There are many herbal ingredients to use for getting rid of the redness after acne. You may take one the herb for reducing the redness of the acne. Firstly, you may use mint leaves. You can grind mint leaves and then apply it on the redness after acne. Let it for one night for a maximal result and repeat it for times. Tomato and cucumber juice is able to tighten the skin pores and prevent the oily face. The garlic and lemon juice are useful to reduce the irritation and redness after acne. Those are some ways on how to get rid of redness after acne.

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