How to Get Rid of Acne with Aspirin Effectively and Safely

Some people are asking about how to get rid of acne with aspirin effectively. Aspirin has to be used perfectly so it doesn’t give any serious side effects. The steps below help to use aspirin to get rid of acne.

how to get rid of acne with aspirin
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4 Points on How to Get Rid of Your Acne with Aspirin

Crush Aspirin and Mix It with Water 
The important key to notice is the total of aspirin used to treat the acne. You just need to use around 1 up to 3 aspirins only and don’t use more than that only because you want to free from acne right away. Now, crush those aspirins with a spoon or any kind of device. The point is that you have soft aspirin before applying on the face with acne. Put the crushed aspirin on a small glass or bowl. Then, add water slowly and mix it. The idea of mixing the two ingredients is to create an aspirin masker so just make sure that the mixture is not too dilute. (Also read: make acne mask easily)

Apply the Aspirin Cream on the Acne 
Now, you have a bowl of liquid aspirin in front of you, so how to get rid of acne with aspirin safely? Actually, you don’t need to apply the aspirin masker to the entire parts of the face. Remember! Aspirin is not for face and too much aspirin can be very dangerous for your health. Just apply the aspirin liquid only to the acne or the pimples. To make the process easy, you may use Q-tip and just make sure it is a new and clean product. It is also okay to use your finger but make sure that it is clean. It is better to wash your hands with soap before starting applying the dilute aspirin on the acne. 

Let the Aspirin Cream on the Acne 
Let the aspirin on the acne for 15 minutes. The key is not to let the aspirin on the skin too long. After 15 minutes, just clean the aspirin on your face smoothly. For a safer option, you may use a wet tissue or soft wet towel. Clean your face carefully so it doesn’t scratch the acnes to prevent infection or any unwanted conditions.

The Ideal Time to Use Aspirin to Get Rid of Acne 
One more thing to consider when you want to get rid of acne with aspirin is the time to use it. You may use the aspirin cream once a day. Treat the acne with the aspirin cream regularly until the acne gone and you have your normal skin. The time is also depending on the total of aspirin used. The ideal option is using an aspirin a day. That’s how to get rid of acne with aspirin safely, effectively, and without any serious side effects.

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