How Long Does Cystic Acne Last and How to Fasten the Healing Process

Cystic acne can be very painful and leave a scar on the skin so that people are wondering how long does cystic acne last. Appears as a blemish that is rooted in the deepest skin surface, cystic acne is formed due to hormonal imbalance. Hence, it is commonly experienced by women during their period.
how long does cystic acne last
cystic acne

What you should avoid when having cystic acne 

Most likely, cystic acne feel sore making people want to burst it for a fast cure. However, it is not a good idea to get rid of acne through picking it. It will not work much and may cause further infection on your skin. Doctors often remind patients not to pick acne since it makes the skin repair as well as the healing process even slower. 

Picking cyst frequently causes bleeding and oozing which elongates the healing process. When cystic acne starts to develop on your skin, it is better for you to meet and have a consultation with a dermatologist soon. You also can soothe the painful feeling and reduce the inflammation using ice packs. The longer the time for cysts to grow, the higher the risk for skin to get scared. 

How long does cystic acne get rid of?

It is important for you to know that cysts and scars of acne to leave on skin ranges from a few weeks to month. Cystic acne itself is formed due to the inflammation on the dermis layer of skin that later triggers the skin to produce pigment cells. 

People with the dark complexion of skin likely require a longer time to heal acne as the skin comes with more melanin which has a higher risk to get scared. Hence, when talking about how long does cystic acne last, it actually depends on the skin type itself. If you often do activities outdoor, make sure to apply sunscreen because it helps to protect the skin from the direct UV rays. You can use the cream containing vitamin C to treat skin discoloration or you can shrink your cystic acne.

Can cystic acne get rid on its own?

It is quite rare for cystic acne to get rid on its own. However, you can make the healing process faster through several things. Keeping your skin hydrated is an effective way to help to cure cystic acne. To cope with the hormonal acne, you also can drink water with fresh mint. Besides, avoid touching your face when you have cysts because it will harm the skin even more. It results in more swelling and inflammation which later affect how long does cystic acne last.

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